Hemminger Data Management Services provides services in analysis, modeling, architectural and area management applications for various clients. These include drafting, designing and detailing according to the client’s standards. Our range of service offerings include:

  • Solid Modeling
  • Real Estate Administration
  • 3D-Architecture
  • Building Area Management

  • Solid Modeling

    The design definitions of selected components and subsystems are developed in 3D sophisticated applications according to the client’s requirement. These solid models, which are created with procurement and manufactured as the primary applications of the CAD model, contain all detailed features necessary to define components, subsystems and/or assemblies.

    German engineering standards like DIN have helped a lot to design the model and the team had enthusiastically learned to produce effective results.

    Building Information Modeling

    The focus of our work is to create architecture equipment in 3D-format by planning, mapping and documenting the technical data to meet the requirements of client’s needs.

    The advantages of 3D-architecture services can be stated as the actual structure and building area management can be shown. Depending on the need, the details can be developed from simple models up to a complex content.As-built modeling has a growing demand in the changing life cycle process in real estate development planning. Our scope of 3D-architecture generally includes:

  • Residential buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Workshop buildings
  • Garages and carports
  • Power-stations, sub-stations and factories

  • Building Area Management

    Building management has developed into an indispensable factor in real estate in recent years. It refers to the management of available areas with regard to their use and utilization. The main purpose of this service is to provide best possible quantitative and qualitative use of all areas of a property.

    Industrial norms (like the German standard DIN 277), which calculate the area and volume of a building, served as a basis for the structured determination of building areas and are commonly used for planning in the building industry. We provide all kind of services to evaluate and determine the specific area calculation for any type of buildings along with a building model if required.